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Drinking water may have low levels of pesticides and lead. Well water is particularly susceptible to contamination since there isn’t a water treatment plant. Similarly, hard-water can take up minerals which cause stains and potentially affect our health.

Drinking water may contain contaminants like aluminum (which can impair brain function), arsenic (a known carcinogen with links to circulatory problems), and barium (which can contribute to high blood pressure). Beryllium might cause cancer and is toxic, Cadmium can lead to kidney problems, Chromium can cause liver damage and other health issues, Copper can cause stomach pain.

We don’t want these heavy metals entering the environment and affecting our health. Thallium, which is believed to cause hair loss and damage the intestinal tract kidneys and liver. There has been a lot of evidence linking zinc to anemia in some cases. These jobs may also come before eating or drinking next to or from pesticides and herbicides, which are also linked with hazardous chemicals in some cases.

It is easy to see the health risks from consuming these contaminants, even if people have been exposed to them in moderation A reliable and high quality filtration system can help to reduce the dangers of contaminants in your water.”

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